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Important Laws Every American Should Know About

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016 in Constitutional Law, Employment Law, Family Law | Comments Off on Important Laws Every American Should Know About

It’s crucial to know the law in at least some extent. There may have been numerous situation where you’ve been taken advantage of or discriminated against, and you’ve done nothing about it simply because you didn’t know whether or not you can. The law is written to protect the citizens, not to harm them. If you know your rights and explain them in a situation when they are endangered people will think twice about tricking your or discriminating against you.


The first couple of laws you need to know about are workplace and labor oriented.

Americans with Disabilities Act protect job seekers who are afraid of being discriminated against. This law helps you find a job. If you are qualified for a certain job an employer has no right to refuse you.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation that you’ve been denied the opportunity to work because of your race, nationality or any disability which in no way prevents you from fulfilling the demands of a job in question, then you could’ve called upon this law.

The second law you need to know about is the Equal pay Act of 1963.

This law makes sure that an employer has to pay equal wages to women and men who are doing the same job with the same skills, efforts, and responsibilities.
If you are a woman, and you’re getting paid less than your male colleagues you can file a report and request that the difference in wages be paid back in full for the whole amount of time that you have been paid less. Furthermore, you can ask for a salary raise. Also you can contact John Bales Attorneys legal team for help. 


The next segment of the text will be about health and medical laws.

And the first law you need to know about is Oregon’s death with dignity. Terminally ill patients are given the opportunity to end their lives without going through the horrible stages of illness before death takes hold. If it’s certain that you will die, you can take matters into your own hands and end your life, legally, by consuming the lethal medication.

An important thing to know if you are a woman is that abortion is legal throughout the USA.

Even though there are many protesters, terrorist that threaten women who commit abortion and many other campaigns against it, it’s not illegal to commit abortion.

EC in the ER law requires medical staff to tell you everything about emergency contraception if you’ve suffered a sexual assault. This law helps with preventing unwanted pregnancy in rape victims.The occupational safety and health act is one of the most important laws which protect workers in the workplace.
If you feel endangered in any way or consider that the conditions in a work environment are harmful to you and others, you are allowed to speak up and file a report. This law is important because it protects you from an employer, in other words, an employer cannot become discriminatory towards you in any way or try to fire you. Consult Employer Legal Issue Jhon Bales with you.

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