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Tragic Motorcycle Accident Kills Los Angeles County Deputy

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was deeply saddened to learn that one of the victim killed in a fatal motorcycle crash in Corona was one of their own. The victim was 25-year-old Philip Borja who was off duty when he decided to go on a ride with one of his friends. His friend was severely injured in the accident.

industry-pursuitThe accident involved two different cars as well as the two motorcycles. The incident occurred on the eastbound lane of the Hidden Valley Parkway just a short distance from 15 Freeway’s east exit. The driver of a Ford Fusion exited the parking lot at Stater Bros and made a left turn onto the street, failing to see the two motorcycles bearing down on her as she entered into their pat. Unable to avoid the collision, the motorcycle Borja was on struck the Fusion’s driver side door. His friend swerved into oncoming traffic lanes in an effort to avoid the hitting the Fusion.

At this point a Volkswagen Beetle in the westbound on Hidden Valley stuck both of the motorcycles. The impact caused both the beetle and Borja’s motorcycle to burst into flames.

June-10th-CrashNeither car was carrying any passengers other than the driver, both of whom weren’t hurt in the accident. As of the following day, no one involved in the accident had been ticketed and nothing indicated that drugs or alcohol had been a factor.

After the accident, first responders sent Borja to the Riverside Community Hospital for treatment which is where he succumbed to his injuries the following afternoon. His friend, who was unidentified was released after his injuries were treated

“Horribly tragic events like this is precisely the reason I opted to pursue a career in personal became a personal injury lawyer. To protect families who have been victimized by others,”.

13173373921119659267785077413bike-accident02Sadly, accidents like this take place throughout the United States all the time. People who ride motorcycle enjoy a strong sense of freedom while they ride, but that freedom comes with a great deal of risk. Auto drivers who are involved in car vs motorcycle crashes often say that they didn’t see the motorcycle. The federal government stated that in 2013 alone, the odds of someone getting into an accident while riding a motorcycle was 26 times greater than if they were in a car. And the risk seems to be increasing. According to the Federal department of Transportation, they noticed a 7% increase in motorcycle accidents in 2012 when compared to the number of motorcycle accidents in 2011.

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