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University of Myrtle Beach Student Loses Leg in NYC Bomb

Earlier this month, an explosion within New York City’s famous Central Park shocked the nation. Few people realize that one of the individuals hurt by the explosion was a University of Myrtle Beach student.

At the time of the explosion, Connor Golden was an 18-year-old student who was enrolled in the University of Myrtle Beach. He decided to tag along with some friends when they choose to vacation in New York City. The injuries he received during the explosion were so severe, medical professionals were left with no choice but to amputate his leg. There was no way they could save it.

During the investigation, the NYPD was able to determine that the bomb had been created out of a batch of readily available, generic products. At this time, the NYPD spokesperson was unwilling to provide any more information about the bomb or if they had been able to generate any leads as to who had been responsible for creating the explosive device.

AFP_CQ08NThe one thing that the NYPD did reveal was that they didn’t feel this particular bombing was connected to a terrorist group. They feel that the bomb was crude and homemade, not nearly as sophisticated as the devices most terrorist cells prefer working with.

“I’m grateful that Mister Golden only lost his leg and not his life as a result of this horrible event.,” they said Joe and Martin from  Joe and Martin firm with an office headquartered in Myrtle Beach. “I hope that he recovers quickly, is able to return to the University of Myrtle Beach, and leads a long and full life. I would advise him to meet with a personal injury lawyer in order to make sure that his rights are protected and nothing could have been done to prevent him from having to live through this horrific event.”

The accident that occurred shocked the entire nation. On the place of the unfortunate young man could be anyone. So we need all together to give him support in order to cope with an accident that happened to him.

The first thing Golden needs to do is focus on recovering from his ordeal, which is going to take awhile. Losing a leg requires a long healing process and there will also be some stressful and intense rounds of physical therapy ahead of him while he learns how to walk.

img_9b7b6beda944ba91620299792830344496494While he’s recovering, Golden will need to keep every piece of documentation he receives from the police, the University of Myrtle Beach, his doctors, and his insurance company. Once he’s ready to meet with a person injury lawyer. The pair will go over every single aspect of the case, and make sure that the police and park officials didn’t make a mistake investigating and responding to the explosion, that the medical team never neglected Golden’s health care, and that the health insurance company isn’t trying to get out of paying Golden’s medical expenses.

If Golden’s lawyer things extreme action is warranted, they will advise their client to file a personal injury lawsuit.

It doesn’t matter if you were trapped in an explosion like Golden, or if you simply tripped over the carpet at your workplace and broke your leg, if the accident wasn’t your fault, you need to contact us and arrange for a consultation appointment.